Thursday, July 29, 2004

Update on my Recovery....

It is such a blessing to have many of you as my pen-friends.....and as my brothers/sisters in Christ.

just a little note to let you all know that I am doing a lot better but cannot type too much right now since i don't want to hurt myself or suffin'...

Thanks for all your loving e-mails of support and encouragement and for all your prayers!!

Many things to say,little strenght left......


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

SURGERY...My I see You Laters.......

While some of ya are going to be having fun at
summer camp
begging this Wednesday the 14th, mE, mYsElF, and I will be having surgery at 8:00AM......

Just help me to pray
that i will not freak out and pass out before they actually make me pass out.
You are welcome to visit me and bring me some goodies.. You know, the usual, Caviar, lobster ...etc. etc....**teasing***Or just simply give me a call, or come to bug me while i am suffering in my bed.....Gee the only thing i regret--besides going to church of course---is that SpongBob SquaredPants is coming to the Mall, and I will not be able to take my picture with him.

Keep Your Chin Up!!!

P.S: For those who care little, i can bribe you with some chocolate chip cookies
and a movie to watch while i complain of my pain ....ha ha
ha**joking**....Oh yeah, feel free to do my laundry ,make my bed , vacuum ,
iron my clothes
, dust for me sweep mop , cook me some dinner ,wash the dishes , clean the bathroom ;ah and oh yeah, don't forget the windows too .
See how much fun is that. :o) Just kidding folks...just kidding...^_~

I will not be able to write
or make any new entry in
this journal
for a while.

Love ya all!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Happy 4th of July 2004 ^_~

Okay, they are TONS of things to write
, so I will try to summarize them the best I know how.

Well, two weeks ago i discovered that my computer
was under attack by some "Trojan horses" ......I learned about it and found out that they are not as dangerous as other computer virus and that I could remove those before they begin being a problem. Fortunately i have a friend who was able to help me out and who also gave me a website link where i could get this FREE software
to clean
or check for Trojan horses and get rid of them.

So, I am relief
now. Everything is coolie again.....Although now I am a little
and keep checking for virus and using my "Norton" more often.


4th of July, Independence Day, was crazy.
I tried to go to bed
around 10:00PM--usually i go to bed later than that but i was too exhausted and tired --but couldn't since the fireworks around my neighborhood kept me awake all night until middle night .---I was tossing and turning in my bed trying to get some sleep, but all i could hear were
and the flashing LIGHTS of the fireworks that shined in my window . So, i got up and said "oh well,...i will go outside and just watch the fireworks "...but then, one of my friends called me over the phone so we chatted until i was too sleepy to keep on with the conversation. Finally the fireworks stopped and I was able to fall to sleep. ZZZzzzzzZZZZ!!!!!!

Have you seen the EMPIRE BUILDING
in 5th Avenue in New York city?....It has the most beautiful and amazing sights. If you look to your north, you will able to see CENTER PARK. And at night, it's just magical and enchanting. I heard from someone that over 3 millions of people visit the place every year. __ Well, the reason why i mentioned is because usually every 4th of July , the lights of the Empire Building are the ones that usually announce the beginning of the Independence Day's Celebration __ On the very top of the tower the colors blue , white and red are displace with thousands of fluorescent lights . It is beautiful!__ Usually the building is also light up for many other Important Holidays in the United Stated , such as, Valentine Days and New year Eve Have you seen the movie SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE?......If you had, you would probably noticed the Valentine Day's decoration on the Empire Building in the scene where Meg Ryan is braking up with her formal boyfriend while deciding to go and me Tom Hank on top of the Empire Building on Valentines' Day. Thousand of lights would form a heart shape and you could see it from miles of distance.........At night the sights from the top of the building is even more beautiful .........and you could even see 5 states from the top of the EMPIRE BUILDING in a clear day....


Just ordered Spider Man & Jumanji.
I did have JUMANJI but in VHS. I so love that movie.
One of my favorite. I bought it for $8.00 bucks which it's not that bad.

Well, that is all I can think of at the moment, but i feel as if i forgot to mention something.
If i remember anything else, i will get back with ya all.

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